What is HelloDhaka?
HelloDhaka is dedicated to entertain you with music 24/7 over the internet. It is an "Online/Internet Radio Station". You are able to listen to our live shows wherever you go with your internet.

Is it possible to listen to HelloDhaka.net from any country?
Yes! You may listen to HelloDhaka.net Radio Station from any country in the world (You must have an internet connection).

How can I listen to music at HelloDhaka.net?
You can listen songs directly from homepage. Music must be started while you are entered into www.hellodhaka.net. Make sure that you have the Html5 Audio supported browser or latest flash player installed. Pleaese update your browser.

I see some station list on the top of website, what are these?
Good News for listeners! Now we broadcast your favorite genres in separate stations. To change stations click above bar, a big bar will come down. Switch to your favorite station, ENJOY!

Which web browsers should be used?
If you are using browser below Internet Explorer 10.0 then you may have some complications using our service.
Windows: Prefered player Windows media player. Prefered browser Internet Explorer 10.0+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera
Linux/Unix: Prefered player Flash player. Prefered browser Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera MAC: Prefered player Quicktime player. Prefered browser Safari.

Can't hear anything...
Please Check your internet connection as well as check whether you have latest Adobe Flash player installed, or email us for assistance. For more details see next section.

I'm facing problems, music is being paused frequently. What kind of internet connection do I need?
HelloDhaka is designed to be compatible with slower internet connections, including dial-up connection and using wireless data service. We strongly recommend a sustained 64 kbps (8 KiloBytes/s) connection, which is more than sufficient to listen to HelloDhaka Online Radio Station. If you get too much buffering or drop-outs, close the player and re-open it. If that does not work, disconnect and reconnect to your internet service, which may establish a faster connection.

I need to Pay to Listen HelloDhaka ?
We are providing free services at this time. Please read our TOS.

Same Song again & again?
If you notice that you are listening same song again & again please Refresh Page(this happens only if you are listening with slow connection).

Is HelloDhaka.net on 24 hours a day?
Yes! HelloDhaka.net is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I see some media player icons below the play button, how can I use these?
Yes, there are some popular media players by which you can listen to our programs. Just select which player you prefer.

There are two buttons illustrating "y" & "r", What are these?
When you press "y" button then HelloDhaka will show you YouTube video of currently playing music track if available.
When you press "r" button then HelloDhaka will show you recent 8 music tracks which is played already.

The feed keeps buffering. What does that mean?
If your player says the feed is buffering, that means there is a slow connection and the audio is not getting to your player fast enough. If you are on a fast connection, check the amount of bandwidth you are using. If you are downloading or uploading a lot while trying to listen to the feed, it may cause buffering. You can try LQ version of streaming, you will find LQ button under Play Box. If the problem persists, contact us and send an email to support detailing your problems so that we can help you diagnose the problem.

I missed my favorite show, will you play it again?
Absolutely, you can find a complete schedule on the home page that describes not only what shows air live today, but also what will play in re-run for that day. Don't forget to check our YouTube Channel, we occasionally upload broadcasted shows there.

Can I listen to HelloDhaka in my car / ipod / motorboat / hot air balloon / Sherman Tank?
Thanks to the modern marvels of technology, YES YOU CAN! We are providing smartphone applications to keep us with you always. This will allow you to listen on your Android devices. Visit m.hellodhaka.net from your mobile browser.

What is this chatroom everyone keeps talking about and how do I find it?
The HelloDhaka chatroom is where you can interact with others who listen to HelloDhaka online just like you. There are numerous ways you can connect to chat. There is a chat bar below on bottom right corner of our site.

Someone said something that really offended me. What can I do now?
Sorry, the bad news is we can not really control everyone. If you feel like this then please contact us, our admins will check it carefully & take necessary steps.

How do I advertise with HelloDhaka.net? This radio is really cool!
This is simple, you can visit our Advertise section below in homepage for more information.

How can I apply for RJ?
Always dreamed of becoming a popular radio jockey (RJ). Well, here is a chance to show your talent, wit, humor and also to entertain the listeners. HelloDhaka, Online Radio Station of Bangladesh is starting RJ hunt! Do you think you are smart enough to catch the dream? Record a voice clip assuming that your are a RJ - ? Length of Audio Clip : 2-5 minute ? File Format : mp3/mp4/wma/wav/amr/3gp Send this audio clip to rj_hunt@hellodhaka.net as an attachment.